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Parts List « Kevin's Projects

Parts List

This project is being cobbled together from a number of disparate sources to try and minimize the cost. I did a fair amount of research before using each of these parts to make sure they all worked well together, and would encourage anyone else attempting a similar project to do the same.


Intel BOXD410PT Motherboard

Intel BOXD410PT with 1 GB RAM installed.

The Intel BOXD410PT motherboard features an Intel Atom processor, SATA II capability, up to 4 GB DDR2 memory, and 4 USB ports. Shown here with a 1 GB memory stick installed; One gig should be plenty for my applications. The form factor is Mini-ITX, so it measures just 6 inches square. Another nice feature: it was really cheap on Newegg.

Power Supply

M2-ATX Power Supply

M2-ATX Power Supply

The M2-ATX power supply from LogicSupply takes in 9-12 volts DC power (from the car battery) and outputs standard ATX voltages and signals. It has a number of startup and shutdown options that are covered in another post, and protects against draining the battery. This is one of the more critical components of a carputer, since getting clean voltages from a car battery is not an easy task.

Hard Drive

Samsung 64 GB Solid State Drive

Samsung 64 GB SSD. Shiny.

I’m using a Samsung 64 GB solid state drive. The SSD is both low power and ruggedized for vibration, ideal for a car application. It’s big enough to hold a bunch of music. It’s also really shiny, and it will be a shame to lock it up in the case.


VoomPC Automotive Enclosure

VoomPC Automotive Enclosure

This case is specifically designed for a mini-ITX board and M2-ATX power supply. The front panel has two fans, two USB ports, and a composite audio input. The ridges help with heat dissipation, and they also look wicked cool. There is a slot for a slimline DVD drive, but I won’t be using it. The SSD will be installed in that slot instead.


7" Touchscreen Monitor

7″ Touchscreen Monitor

This touchscreen has a USB cable for input (treated just like a mouse) and VGA cable. The other three cables visible are DC power in (12V – also from the M2-ATX power supply), and two composite video inputs. 7″ widescreen will fit nicely into the front climate/entertainment panel in my car. This particular panel also comes with Linux driver source code, which makes installation a breeze. This monitor is easily the most expensive component of the whole carputer.

Cables, Etc.

All the usual hookups will be used (SATA, USB, VGA, etc), and some custom power cables will be necessary. Those will be covered in a separate post.

Assembly Without Cables

The motherboard, power supply, and case assembled before cables.

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  1. Also you get mad cred from your mechanic when he sees that… No pulling any quick ones with a customer who’s put that in their ride 😉

    Doug / July 20, 2011 / 5:21 am
  2. “That looks easy” is my first thought. My second is “so does golf”.

    …looking forward to seeing this endeavor develop!

    Derek / July 24, 2011 / 10:48 am

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