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Mazda 6

My project to install a working x86 computer with a touchscreen interface in my 2006 Mazda6 sedan. The project is in a sort of hiatus, as I reassess my hardware and OS choices.

Project(s): Carputer
Assembly Without Cables

Parts List

This project is being cobbled together from a number of disparate sources to try and minimize the cost. I did a fair amount of research before using each of these parts to make sure they all worked well together, and would encourage anyone else attempting a similar project to do the same.

M2-ATX Power Supply

More Power!

For some, computer power supplies are a dark magick that are best not talked about; car electrical systems doubly so. Most people, if they deal with computer power supplies at all, just buy something high wattage, plug in the appropriate connectors, and then never think about it again. However, I’m hoping I can demystify things a bit by showing how I’m wiring my system up.

First boot!

Giving the system the boot

The time has finally come to wire up some voltage and hit the power button.

Xfce running on the touchscreen

Systems of Operation

After a short break from this project to pursue some standard summer activities, I’m finally ready to post the results of the operating system installation. The computer is running Gentoo Linux, using Xfce for the desktop environment.

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