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Quiz Game System « Kevin's Projects

Quiz Game System

A quiz show buzzer and timer system for three players. It consists of three lighted buzzer buttons (old arcade buttons) in separate enclosures connected to a central unit with a countdown display and a speaker. Pushing one of the buzzers lights an indicator specifying which buzzer was pushed (as well as the buzzer button itself) and starts a user-adjustable timer on the 7-segment display. When time is out, a different buzzer sounds and all the buzzer buttons are enabled again. The system is run by an Arduino Uno driving a MAX7219 and dual 7-segment display, connected to the buzzer boxes via 4-wire telephone cords. It’s all situated in an old Panasonic Easa-Phone Speakerphone chassis, which allowed me to reuse some switches, LEDs, RJ11 jacks, and a nice big speaker.

Project(s): Quiz Game System

The EASA-Phone

I found this great old speaker phone at the bottom of a box somewhere. The charm comes not only from the fact that it’s funny to require a separate, huge device to use a speakerphone function, but also because it is wood-paneled for crying out loud. It was just begging to be used as an enclosure for something.