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Sunrise Alarm Clock « Kevin's Projects

Sunrise Alarm Clock

LED Array

An alarm clock that wakes you up by simulating sunrise, instead of jolting you awake with sound. The clock consists of 285 RGB LEDs, mounted in a hollowed out LCD monitor case, controlled with an Arduino and a ChronoDot real-time clock, and run from a beefy 12 Volt, 7.5 Amp laptop power supply. The LEDs are not individually addressed, but the Arduino can control the R, G, and B channels separately to create a range of colors. The intention is to simulate the various reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, and eventually white light seen during a sunrise. The slow fade-in starts about 20 minutes before the specified alarm time. Other features include an alarm on/off switch, a light on/off switch, a DST on/off switch, and eventually, setting the alarm time via Android device.

Project(s): Sunrise Alarm Clock